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The platform implements connectors to the popular health and fitness technology partners available that have already been collecting individual's data on their condition and their activity. Our solution also allows data collection. We are always on the watch for ways to gather more data and gain further precision in analyzing this collected data.


We develop simple tests as well as more complex ones that member execute and we analyze the metrics generated during the performance. The data collected and tied to the activity is crunched and processed through our proprietary machine learning algorithms and the platform then renders a detailed view of an individual's metabolism, his/her optimal exercise zone and a precise approach to effort optimization based on determined objectives, etc. The reports generated are exchanged and can be commented through a fully secured platform.


Either for an initial condition diagnosis, for a follow-up on general physical condition, for a weight loss resolution, for a multi-step journey to reach greater results in high performance trainings or for an enterprise initiative destined to increase employee health and productivity, the CloudBody platform offers multiple programs that members will be able to subscribe to. These programs are adapted to the member’s individual metabolism as initially evaluated. The program is enriched with insights throughout the process and ensures an optimal execution of the plan through personalized engagement and alerting.


The platform hosts proprietary programs offered and delivered by our qualified staff. But the goal will also be to certify additional partners and build an ecosystem that will allow external specialists to deploy their own programs while leveraging the engagement capabilities of the CloudBody platform along with its data capture, processing and presentations features.

The potential members of such a platform are numerous. It will be useful to physicians and coaches enabling them to offer their services to a greater audience and leverage the automation tools that make the relationship with their clients more efficient. CloudBody will also be an unavoidable destination for individuals willing to understand their body and improve their condition without losing time and effort with inefficient one-size-fits-all approaches. Enterprises will also benefit from the CloudBody services to improve the overall health and productivity of their workforce.