CloudBody is born from a will to bring simplicity for people in their quest for a longer and healthier life. In the past five years, technology unlocked tremendous possibilities to gather data and obtain better views into one's individual condition. But as data starts piling up coming from wearables and other connected devices, it is getting more and more complicated to understand what this data means for a unique individual. It is also hard to evaluate how big is the margin of error flowing from all the assumptions made by the fitness industry to present data to its users. Strong with 20 years of advanced and rigorous research in the fields of weight loss and high perfromance training, CloudBody proposes algorithms developed to correct and interpret measurments captured by unprecise devices and it transforms the raw data provided by major health and fitness partners into actionable insights into its member's health and general condtion.


Based on the findings of the throrough analysis preformed by our artificial intelligence, the CloudBody platform leverages on the knowledge we maintain around our registered members to propose curated and personalized programs that can help individuals to reach their goals. The value added by CloudBody is equivalent to having a coach at our constant disposal looking over member's shoulder and it is also the guarantee that all recommendations are backed by science. Taking health and wellness decisions should be made with a thorough understanding of their impact and timeframe. CloudBody exists to propose an abstraction layer between all the raw and imprecise data available around an individual's health and the plans that can be adopted to improve one's codition.


Our team is another representation of what science can accomplish when coupled with the latest innovative technologies. Our team created the CloudBody platform. 20 years of expertise bulding health, fitness and wellness programs to individuals are now offered to the masses and our technology is constantly evolving to deliver more accurate metrics and propose approaches that will work for you in line with your lifestyle and your constraints.

Denis Boucher

Dr. Denis Boucher


Dr Denis Boucher holds a PhD degree in experimental medicine. He has owned and managed an exercise physiology laboratory for the past 15 years. His clinical expertise is in the fields of exercise physiology, fitness, nutrition, obesity and sport performance. He has authored and coauthored 12 books. He is also a science columnist for TV and radio shows in Quebec (Canada). Denis has worked with the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers where he has conducted the preseason on-ice fitness evaluation program. He is the Chief Scientist for Bioenergetics Science LLC. The company offers consulting services and does research in the fields of human metabolism and sport performance.

Nicolas Genest

Nicolas Genest


Nicolas Genest has been Chief Technology Officer of, the inventor of online Flash Sales and more recently CTO of The RealReal, leader of the Luxury Consignment space. He took both of these companies through periods of massive growth and leveraged many technologies over the past 17 years. Nicolas was at Microsoft as a Business Intelligence and Development Platform Engineer where he worked on Database and .Net development technologies. He also served at Pfizer as Project Manager.

Fabien Coulon

Fabien Coulon


Fabien Coulon has been in the Data and Business Intelligence field since 2001. He was head of the Business Intelligence department of from 2007 until 2012 and contributed significantly to the growth of the enterprise with a centralised industry-recognized competency center servicing all operational and decision-making needs. Fabien also held clutch positions in the banking industry and most recently laid the foundation of the BI practice of The RealReal turning the startup into a highly data-driven company.

Rochdi Chakroun



Rochdi Chakroun has been in systems integation and IT solutions architecture since 2013. He's obsessed by keeping things simple and finding the right spot between pragmatism and state of the art solutions. He's also data science enthusiast.