Dr. Denis Boucher Ph.D

Hockey Academy

Specialized training program focused on the difference makers of the Game of Hockey.

PROGRAM Hockey Academy

BE THE BEST HOCKEY PLAYER YOU CAN BE: 3 Tests that will reveal your capabilities and what to focus on to improve fast.

Test 1 - Functional assessment

An off-ice test allowing to determine the efficiency, stability and coordination of the muscles that drive your performance on the ice.

Test 2 - Technical assessment on ice

During this evaluation, you will perform several technical tests to evaluate your coordination; your vision and instincts for the game; your balance; the management of your center of gravity; the mobility of your upper body in relation to your lower body; the stability of your abdominal belt as well as the efficiency of your hips' stabilization muscles. All the muscles that matter will be sollicited.

Test 3 - 2 Minues All-Out

This on-ice test has been developed for professional hockey players and was already used in 2012 by the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL. It measures the power of your muscles, your cardiovascular abilities, the mechanical symetry of your legs during a power outbursts, the status of your energy reserves and your biomechanical efficiency. It's the most complete and precise test on ice ever developed.

Your Assessment Team

Charles-Eric Laroche

Charles-Eric has a bachelor of science in kinesiology. He specializes in evaluating mobility and coordination during a physical effort. He works with hockey players of all levels.

Yannick Tremblay

With over 15 years of experience as a professional hockey player, including over 400 games played in the NHL, Yannick brings a different perspective in his teaching. Since he went through all the steps, including the highest ones, he is in a unique position to guide the players through their development from a technical, physical or psychological standpoint.

Dr Denis Boucher, Ph.D.

Denis has evaluated the players of the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers many times since 1999. He has worked on the developmment of tests allowing to determine players capabilities in their true context and enviornment. He is the author of the book "Weight Training for Hockey : The Ultimate Guide". He has also published a column in "The Hockey News" magazine during two years.

Your benefits

  • Test sessions organized in a controlled environment
  • Functional assessment report
  • On-ice assessment reports