Dr. Denis Boucher Ph.D

Performance - Cycling

A Training Program designed and built to improve your capabilities as a cyclist... Sometimes beyond what you can imagine!

PROGRAM Performance - Cycling

You train your body serioulsy? You want to reach specific performance goals? Does the time invested pay off? Have you reached limits you don't know how to overcome? Sometimes better results are not obtained through more training or higher intensity.


We test your physical capabilities precisely, understand the gap and build the most specific training program you will ever experience.


Now that you know where to focus, our platform tracks your physical, biomechanical and mental capabilities and adapts the training when key milestones are reached. Finally true Training Science at your service!


We coach, follow, alert and test improvements regulary. Your progress becomes measurable and you know at every step what you do and why.

The technologies leveraged by our platform democratized access to training science principles once only available to elite athletes. Today everyone who wants to get better results and benefit from a personalized training program can subscribe and improve through these applied human performance science principles.

Your benefits

  • Performance Test Suite
  • Objective assessment
  • Human Performance Science Training Plan
  • Coaching and Follow-up
  • Plan iterations to adapt to body transformation