Enterprise Health

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    Enterprise Health & Productivity

    Concept by Dr. Denis Boucher (PhD)

    Prevention program to address common workplace risks
    Covers physical and mental health
    Employee specific tracking and training
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    Control Healthcare Costs

    Program designed specifically for your workforce

    Complete solution from planning to evaluation

Program overview

Risk prevention and health promotion in the workplace are two essential keys that will enable your enterprise to keep a happy and productive workforce while controlling all the costs related to healthcare. 25% of all healthcare costs are linked to lifestyle, habits and behavior that also happen outside of the workplace.

The healthcare and productivity program developed by Dr. Denis Boucher will equip your enterprise with the toolkit to manage efficiently all the risks identified for your key individuals. The turn-key program covers all aspects including:

  • Program Planning All stakeholders (employees, executives, directors, etc.) are provoding requirements and objectives based on risks and expectations specific to the the workplace and the industry.
  • Program Design Identify major risks factors to address and evaluate the level of knowledge of employees regarding thos risks. Recruiting and onboarding of participants through training. Employees highly at risk are identified and targeted for specific actions.
  • Program Promotion Leveraging recognized health-marketing approaches to promote the program and encourage adoption and penetration within the targeted populations. Constantly monitor data quality and accuracy throughout the implementation and execution of the program.
  • Program Promotion Compare results to objectives throughout the program and course-correct if need be. Measure human and organization gains and changes that were driven by the program. Try to measure the actual impact it had short-term and put in place the monitoring of mid-term and longer-term metrics.

Online training is one of the preferred methods of the program to stay in touch with the individuals, communicate the benefits of the program and track their progress throughout the implementation. Several questionnaires and follow-up forms will be exchanged through the CloudBody platform that acts as the most efficient engagement tool to talk to the employees using their preferred channel and a personalized communication style.

  • Margins enhanced by increased productivity
  • Margins enhanced by increased efficiency
  • Changes in the weight of risk factors as they are addressed
  • Decrease in leaves of absence
  • Decrease in the number of identified risk factors
  • Healthcare cost per employee
  • Benchmarking against comparable companies

Program specifications

Program: Enterprise Health and Productivity

Risk factor identification
Action plan for top risk factors
Onboarding and training of target populations
Program and metrics tracking
Results and performance evlauation

Body Analyzer Device
Fitness and Activity Band