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Answer a few Questions

Answer the Onboarding questionnaire to allow us to know more about you. Your information is safe with us.

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Through a series of simple do-it-yourself tests, we'll measure key aspects of your overall physical condition.

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We process your data and provide you with a report of your physical condition. You'll know more about your body than ever before.

Program overview

Let's Start from the Beginning and for Free! Find out now how you can understand your body and transform it fast. It's no Magic it's Pure Science.

"A few months ago, I took the best decision in my 40 years. I offered myself the gift of Health! In four months, I managed to lose 20 pounds without even suffering. Through the various tests conducted by the CloudBody platform, I was able to determine what MY body needed to function properly. All my life I went through various diets only to get back the lost weight a few weeks later. The reports made me move away from High Intensity training and I transitioned to Yoga and Pilates which were more fun for me and I stopped feeling burned out."
Valerie Dussault Quebec, Canada

You can get a lot of data from sensors on your phone or your fitness watch, but the one thing that this raw data doesn't tell you is what your body really needs to reach your goals. Maybe you don't even know what your goals should be.

  • Maybe you don’t eat enough calories and you became resistant to weight loss. CloudBody will let you know.
  • Maybe you train too hard and exhaust your energetic reserves and it’s why you don’t reach your performance goal. CloudBody will let you know.
  • Maybe your blood pressure is high and you need to know what heart rate zone is secure for you. CloudBody will know.
  • Maybe you are an athlete who wants to breaks his limits. CloudBody will analyze your actual performance plan and give you a success blueprint.

Program specifications


Program: Health Assessment

Easy do-it-yourself tests
Online Support during the testing phase

Result: Complete Personnalized health assessment report